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5 Documents First-time Home-buyers Need for a Smoother Purchasing Process

April 20th, 2016

First Time Home BuyerWith all the job that enters into discovering the type of house you’ll wish to place a deal on, it could be very easy to forget all the little points that occur after the offer has actually been made. While the documents associated with acquiring might appear like a lengthy means off, right here’s a fast testimonial of several of the papers you’ll require when the moment concerns close the offer.

Your Credit Report

It’s essential to examine your credit rating prior to placing a deal in, so guarantee that you request your credit history record ahead of time and also examine it for any kind of mistakes that might exist. If there are any type of inconsistencies adversely influencing your credit rating, you’ll have the ability to have them remedied prior to they could trigger a concern with your realty acquisition.

Pay Stub Proof

In order to establish your capability to settle your regular monthly home mortgage, you will certainly should give a minimum of 2 pay stubs from your existing location of work. You will not wish to hand out your originals, yet a copy of your last 2 incomes normally works as ample confirmation.

Current Bank Statements

The variety of financial institution declarations called for to verify your credit report could alter relying on the lending institution you’re handling, yet you’ll possibly require copies from the last 2 to 3 months. This will certainly be a method of confirming your monetary health and wellness along with your capacity to pay your regular monthly home mortgage in case of rate of interest walks or various other monetary problems.

Income tax return Copies

Your government tax obligation returns will certainly give additional evidence of your work and also monetary standing, so the last 2 years of these– total with your trademark– will certainly have to be sent. Any type of routines you’ve loaded out to finish your annual returns must likewise be consisted of.

Extra Asset Statements

There are several elements of buying a residence that could be time consuming, however having the records you require in advance could conserve a bunch of anxiety when do or die time comes. If you’re thinking of buying a residence quickly, you might intend to get in touch with among our regional property specialists for additional information.

Along with current financial institution claims, if you have any kind of stocks as well as bonds, common funds, RRSPs or various other financial investments, you ought to additionally supply claims of evidence for these. While these accounts will just need your latest declarations, they will certainly be advantageous in giving a much more thorough photo of your financial resources.

For more information about finding your first home in the Thomasville GA real estate market, contact the professionals at First Thomasville Realty today at 229-226-6515!

How Offering Buyer Incentives Will Get Your House Sold Faster

April 12th, 2016

Thomasville RealtyFrom free pizza to a complimentary stay, there are many things Thomasville home sellers have offered up in order to get their home off of the market and out of their hands. While buyer incentives can certainly come off as gimmicky, here’s why people have used these in the past and a few options you may want to consider if you’re experiencing setbacks with selling your Thomasville property.

Why The Added Incentive? 

It may seem like keeping your home in good condition and pricing it according to its market value is good enough, but in more difficult market times many people have opted for extras that may boost the appeal of their home. While the wrong incentive strategy can make it look like you have a home that is not worth the asking price, there are classy ways value can be added that can still engage the right buyer.

Determine Your Ideal Buyer for your Thomasville Home

If you’ve already decided that your ideal offer is a perfectly fair deal, you’ll want to consider what kind of incentives will successfully attract the buyer you’re looking for. Instead of merely dreaming up something that will be ineffective, determine a profile for who they are – whether it’s young or old, single or family oriented – so that you can offer benefits that will be marketed to them. By using incentives that are linked to their interests and lifestyle, you may be able to pique their curiosity enough that they’ll make a visit.

A Few Incentives To Consider 

There are a lot of great opportunities for snagging new interested parties with an incentive, the bonus being that you won’t need to offer it up until the time you sell your home. If you’re located close to a beach resort, you may want to give away a surfboard or kayak; providing a gift card for a local restaurant or a golf membership can also be a great idea. While most people will not want to go to the extreme of giving away their transportation, some have gifted their luxury car in order to seal the deal.

A home in good condition and at the right price can often snag a purchasing offer, but if your home is lingering on the market, incentives can go a long way too. If you’re still trying to sell your home and are considering your options, you may want to contact one of our Thomasville ga real estate agents for more information.


5 Fun Ways to Spring Clean with the Kids

April 11th, 2016
Thomasville GA real estate

Thomasville GA real estate

Spring-cleaning might seem like a necessity if you’ve accrued a lot of stuff through the fall and winter seasons, but it can be hard to determine how to get your kids involved. If you’re looking for tips on how to get this task done and engage your children at the same time, here are a few fun ways.

Play Some Tunes 

It goes without saying that almost everything is more fun with music, and kids will readily agree with this! Instead of silence, pique your children’s interest with their favorite album and encourage them to take the duster or mop along with them.

Offer Up A Reward 

It’s important that your children understand that helping out around the house is everyone’s job, but offering them a treat can be a good means of getting them involved. Whether it’s a couple of dollars or a trip to the ice cream parlor, a little work for a reward has always been a positive thing.

Give Them A Choice 

Most kids don’t like to be told what to do, so providing them with the opportunity for leadership can be a great thing when it comes to the task of spring-cleaning. Not only will they be happy to help you along if they can direct, it will give them confidence in their own capabilities.

Make Room For New Duds 

Getting rid of old clothing isn’t always fun, but if it makes way for a new outfit or toy many kids will spring at the chance. Instead of large scale, let your children tackle their own space to clear away stuff they no longer use. It will make them aware of what they need and what they can get along without.

Get Out The Gear 

Outside of a damp cloth, most adults don’t have any specific clothes for cleaning the house, but dressing up is always a fun activity for kids! Whether it’s overalls, a cap and some rubber gloves, making cleaning a game of dress up is an easy way to appeal to the imagination of your children.

Spring-cleaning may not always seem like the most fun, but there are a few simple ways you can make it appealing to your kids and liven up an old activity for yourself. If you’re perking up your home in the hopes of a summer sale, you may want to contact one of our Thomasville GA real estate professionals for more information.

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Free Admission Lapham-Patterson House

March 7th, 2016


Make History! and Enjoy Free Admission to the 

Lapham-Patterson House with Smithsonian Museum Day Live!

March 12, 10:00am

Lapham-Patterson House, 626 N. Dawson St.


Guests of all ages are invited to explore the women of the Lapham-Patterson House through special activities as part of their Make History! series. Activities include a scavenger hunt of Mrs. Lapham’s house from top to bottom, creating a one-of-a-kind sculpture like the amateur artist Mrs. Larmon and designing a World War II poster inspired by Frieda Patterson. To attend Make History! free of charge, please download a Museum Day Live! ticket from  Tickets provide admission for 2 persons aged 6 or older.  Children under 6 are free. Click here to find out more about the Make History! event or call 229-226-7664.  Click here to download your 2 free tickets to Make History!


The Lapham-Patterson House will be open for tours from 1:00-4:00pm, with tours beginning on the hour. Click here to download your 2 free tickets to tour and learn the fascinating history of this grand Queen Anne style home!